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Are you a wedding photographer looking for tips on how to capture all the special moments of a couple’s big day? Or maybe you’re an amateur photographer planning to take pictures at your friend’s wedding? Either way, this blog post is for you! We’ve curated the ultimate shot list for taking beautiful wedding photos that will last a lifetime.

Pre-Ceremony Preparation Shots

Before the first look, or pre-ceremony shots, it’s important to capture the small details of preparation. From the bridal party getting ready to the groom and groomsmen, your photographer will document all the small moments of anticipation before you walk down the aisle. Don’t forget about the dress, shoes and accessories that make up your bridal look, as well as the rings that you will exchange during your ceremony. With these shots in hand, you can have beautiful memories of all the exciting moments that led up to your special day.

Bride and Bridal Party Getting Ready

The pre-ceremony preparation shots are some of the most important wedding photos you’ll take. Capture the bride and bridal party getting ready – from hair and makeup to the final touches on dresses and accessories. Take individual portraits of bride/groom, as well as group shots with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Show off the bride’s dress, shoes, and accessories, as well as the rings. It’s important to capture these moments so that you can remember all the details of your big day for years to come!

Groom and Groomsmen Getting Ready

Groom and groomsmen getting ready is another important aspect of wedding photography. Capturing the groom getting ready for the big day, either alone or with his best men, creates lovely memories to look back on. From shots of the groom suiting up with his groomsmen in the background, to close-ups of the groom’s accessories such as cufflinks, watch and tie pin, there are lots of opportunities to capture moments that will be treasured for years to come. Don’t forget to take a few shots of the empty venue or church, including altar, flowers and any other details you can find – this will provide an interesting contrast to the photos of the bride and bridal party getting ready.

The Dress, Shoes and Accessories

The wedding day is a special time, filled with many photo-worthy moments. From the pre-ceremony preparation shots to the emotional bride and groom portraits, capturing each moment is essential. But don’t forget about all the smaller details, like the dress, shoes, and accessories. These are important to capture too! Make sure to get shots of the bride or bridesmaids putting on the dress and veil, as well as closeup shots of the dress, shoes and accessories. Consider playing with textures and lighting for a dreamy look. Additionally, capture the groom or groomsmen putting on their ties or bow ties, as well as any other special items such as cufflinks or jewelry. All of these details will create a beautiful story and complete your wedding photography shot list!

The Rings

The Rings are the perfect way to symbolise the commitment of the couple and it’s important that they are captured in all their glory in the wedding photos. Taking close-up detail shots of the rings with a macro camera setting will ensure that all of the intricate details are captured and remembered for years to come. Be sure to include shots of any personalised engravings or unique features. If you have opted for heirloom or antique rings, make sure to document them too – these may become future family treasures! Coordinating with the groom and best man to make sure all three rings are available for the detail shots can be a challenge, but it’s worth it for this special moment.

Bride and Groom Portraits

Once the ceremony is over and the reception has begun, it is time for the bride and groom to take their portraits! This is the perfect opportunity for them to capture the joy of their special day and make some amazing photos. The photographer should focus on taking posed shots of the couple, as well as candid shots that capture their love for each other. They should take a variety of shots, from close-ups to full body shots. Some fun poses to consider include kissing, walking hand-in-hand, or even having the bride toss her bouquet in the air. During this time, the photographer should also get some shots of just the bride or just the groom looking into the camera. These shots will be sure to make for some beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

The Ceremony

The Ceremony is an important part of any wedding day, and your wedding photography shot list should include a few shots of the ceremony taking place. You’ll want to capture the bride walking down the aisle, the couple exchanging vows and rings, the kiss, and any special moments that take place during the ceremony. Make sure to take some wide shots of the full audience as well as some close up shots of the couple’s reactions. Don’t forget to capture all the details such as bouquets, jewellery, shoes, cuff links, and decorations that make the ceremony unique. This will be a great companion to all of your pre-ceremony preparation shots, Bride and Groom portraits, and Reception images.

The Reception

At the reception, it’s essential to capture all the details that went into making your special day perfect. Don’t forget to snap pictures of the place cards, guest book, centerpieces, decorations, table settings and favors table. You’ll also want to document memorable moments such as the first dance, parent dances, cake cutting and bouquet toss. With this comprehensive wedding photography shot list, you can make sure that no moment is overlooked.

Centrepieces and Decorations

When it comes to capturing the details of your big day, centrepieces and decorations should not be overlooked. From place cards to centrepieces, decorations to confetti, make sure to capture the smaller details that complete your wedding look. Ensure to capture the individual table settings and decorations, as well as any other interesting décor pieces you may have around the venue. The perfect shot list should also include exterior shots of the venue to get a full picture of your special day. Don’t forget to include photos of all your DIY décor projects too! With this shot list in hand, you can rest assured that all the details of your wedding day will be remembered for years to come.

Exterior of the Venue

After capturing all the special moments from the preparations, it is time to head outdoors to capture the exterior of the wedding venue. This is an important part of the wedding shot list, so it is important to ensure that your photographer captures all the details of the venue such as the architecture, landscaping, and any other interesting features. The exterior of the venue can also provide a great backdrop for capturing some fun group shots with your friends and family. Have your photographer take some creative shots with your guests in front of the venue to make sure you get a great set of photos that capture your special day.

Must have wedding photography shot list

It’s essential to plan out your wedding photography shot list in advance to ensure you capture all the moments that make your day special. The list should include essential shots such as the bride and bridal party getting ready, the groom and groomsmen getting ready, the dress, shoes and accessories, the rings, bride and groom portraits, the ceremony, the reception, centrepieces and decorations, and exterior of the venue. Additionally, it may also be a good idea to include more specific photos such as a photo of the bride in her comfy clothes or robe before she starts to get ready or a shot of her sipping her drink with her bridesmaids. Whatever you decide to include on your shot list, remember that these photos will become treasured memories that you can look back on for years to come.

Here is a sample wedding photography shot list that you can use as a reference:

  1. Bride getting ready: capturing the bride while she’s getting dressed, putting on makeup, and doing last-minute preparations.
  2. Groom getting ready: capturing the groom while he’s getting dressed, putting on his tie, and doing last-minute preparations.
  3. First look: capturing the bride and groom’s first reaction to seeing each other on their wedding day.
  4. Bridal party portraits: capturing photos of the bride, groom, and bridal party together.
  5. Family portraits: capturing photos of the bride, groom, and their families.
  6. Ceremony setup: capturing photos of the ceremony venue before guests arrive.
  7. Ceremony details: capturing photos of the ceremony decorations, flowers, and details.
  8. Ceremony processional: capturing the bride’s entrance, groom’s reaction, and the exchange of vows.
  9. Ceremony recessional: capturing the newlyweds’ first steps as a married couple.
  10. Reception venue: capturing photos of the reception venue before guests arrive.
  11. Reception details: capturing photos of the reception decorations, centerpieces, and details.
  12. First dance: capturing the bride and groom’s first dance as a married couple.
  13. Cake cutting: capturing the bride and groom’s cake cutting ceremony.
  14. Toasts: capturing photos of the speeches and toasts given during the reception.
  15. Dancing: capturing candid photos of guests dancing and having a good time.
  16. Sunset portraits: capturing the bride and groom in a romantic setting as the sun sets.
  17. Send-off: capturing the bride and groom’s final exit as a married couple.

This list is a starting point, and you may want to add or remove items based on the specific requirements of your wedding photography clients.

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