The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding photography is not just about taking pictures of the happy couple, it’s about capturing the essence of their love story. Each couple has their own unique style and personality that should be reflected in their wedding photos. From traditional and classic to modern and alternative, there are a variety of wedding photography styles to choose from. Whether you prefer minimalist, editorial, or candid shots, finding the right style can help you create the perfect album to revisit and cherish for years to come. So, let’s dive into the world of wedding photography styles and find the perfect match for your special day!

Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding photography has evolved into an art form over the years, and today, there are many different styles to choose from. Some couples like their wedding photographs to have a traditional, timeless feel, while others prefer a modern, edgy approach. There are also vintage and rustic styles that are popular. Each style has its strengths, so couples must choose the one that best suits their personalities, preferences, and wedding theme. Regardless of the style chosen, a professional wedding photographer will ensure that they capture the perfect moments of your special day.

Why Choosing the Right Wedding Photography Style is Important

Choosing the right wedding photography style is a crucial part of planning your big day. Your wedding photos will be treasured for years to come, so it’s important to make sure they match your vision and reflect your unique style as a couple. In fact, selecting your style of photography is so important that you should do it before reaching out to potential photographers. Doing so will help you avoid disappointment later on, ensuring that the images you receive are exactly what you had in mind. So take the time to research various wedding photography styles to find the one that best suits your tastes and preferences.

Wedding photography styles have evolved over time, and today’s couples have more options than ever before. From classic and traditional to fine art and candid, there’s a style out there that’s perfect for every couple. Traditional photography is ideal for those who prefer straightforward, posed photographs that stand the test of time. Candid or documentary-style photography captures spontaneous, heartfelt moments that will make your memories come alive. Editorial photography is perfect for couples who want magazine-worthy shots that showcase their unique style and personality. By analyzing your social media saves and identifying trends in what you like and dislike, you can easily find photographer style that best suits your preferences and make sure your wedding photos are everything you’ve dreamed of.

Analyzing Social Media Saves for Your Ideal Wedding Photography Style

When it comes to choosing the right wedding photography style, couples need to do some preliminary research to ensure their investment results in the photos they envisioned. According to wedding photographer Jainé Kershner, analyzing social media saves can help identify what style couples are most drawn to. By looking at Instagram or Pinterest, couples can determine if they prefer classic and traditional images or candid and documentary-style photographs. Creating mood boards or pinning images for a few weeks will reveal a pattern and ultimately help couples find their ideal wedding photography style.

Classic and traditional photography remains a popular choice for couples looking for straightforward photographs that stand the test of time. These images are typically posed and shot at eye level but can be given a modern twist. Most photographers will incorporate some traditional photography into their mix, particularly for family portraits after the ceremony. These photos may lack creativity, but they will persevere throughout the years and never go out of style.

Candid and documentary-style photographs capture some of the most heartfelt and memorable moments of the wedding day. Many photographers have adopted a photojournalistic style, letting the moments unfold naturally and recording the magic as it happens. This style is comparable to being a fly on the wall, capturing candid and spontaneous images that truly showcase the entire essence of the wedding day.

Classic and Traditional Wedding Photography Style

Classic and traditional wedding photography style is a timeless option for many couples. These photographs may not be highly creative, but they stand the test of time. Typically, they are shot at eye level and posed for family portraits after the ceremony. They are straightforward and will persevere throughout the years. According to Jainé Kershner, a wedding photographer, they are very simplistic, but they still look good 50 to 60 years later. They make for memorable images that reflect reality but are infused with the shooter’s artistic license.

Candid and Documentary-Style Wedding Photography Style

Wedding photography is an art form that can be approached in a variety of styles. Candid and documentary-style photography is one of the most popular styles among wedding photographers. This style captures the raw emotions and genuine moments of the wedding day, rather than posed shots. The photographer acts as a fly on the wall, allowing the events of the day to unfold naturally while snapping away. This approach creates some of the most heartfelt and memorable images for the couple to cherish for years to come. Wedding photographers who use this style have a keen eye for detail and know how to capture the magic of the moment.

Editorial Wedding Photography Style: Fashion-Forward and Posed

Wedding photography style can be viewed as a reflection of a couple’s personality and preference. While some couples may be interested in classic and traditional photography, others may prefer more candid and documentary-style images. But for couples who desire striking and fashion-forward images, editorial wedding photography style is the way to go. This style is focused on creating visually appealing and editorial-like photographs. The photographer takes charge of the shoot, using the background lighting, composition, and other elements available to create a visual masterpiece. The editorial style is rare in the wedding photography industry, but for those who want high-end and glamorous images, it is worth considering.

Reportage or Journalistic Wedding Photography Style

Reportage or Journalistic Wedding Photography Style is a popular trend in the photography industry. This approach captures candid moments as they unfold throughout the day. The photographer blends seamlessly into the background, documenting the wedding ceremony and reception without interfering. The focus is on the emotions and reactions of the couple, family members, and attendees, conveying the story of the day. Wedding photojournalism involves a great deal of skill and experience, as the photographer must anticipate and capture fleeting moments that happen in real-time, resulting in a more authentic and natural look. Many couples prefer this approach, as it tells a true story of their wedding day and preserves special memories.

Contemporary Wedding Photography: Artistic Shots with an Edge

Wedding photography is a diverse genre, with several styles ranging from traditional posed shots to candid captures of real moments. One popular style is contemporary wedding photography, where photographers use their creativity and technical skills to create edgy and artistic shots. This style often involves experimenting with angles, lighting, and composition to capture unique and unconventional photos of the couple and their wedding. The result is a visually stunning and modern approach to wedding photography that celebrates individuality and expression. Photographers who specialize in this style love to push the boundaries and create images that are not only beautiful but also stand out from the norm.

Traditional Wedding Photography: Timeless and Classic

Traditional wedding photography is a timeless and classic style that focuses on capturing the formal moments of a wedding day. The images are straightforward with posed shots taken at eye level, making them less creative but still elegant. These traditional photos are usually taken after the ceremony and include family portraits. Despite being less adventurous, these photos never go out of style and will still look beautiful even after 50 or 60 years. Couples who want a more classic approach to their wedding photography should consider choosing a traditional photographer.

Which Wedding Photography Style is Right for You?

Wedding photography styles are an essential aspect of any wedding planning process. It is crucial to select the right style as it sets the tone for the wedding photo album. Many photographers offer a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, but it is always better to determine the style of preference beforehand to avoid disappointment. Couples should analyze their social media saves, scroll through photo galleries, and create mood boards to gauge their preferences.

One popular wedding photography style is classic and traditional photography. It is a straightforward, posed photography style that stands the test of time and can be passed down from generations. Most couples incorporate some traditional photography into their wedding ceremony, such as family portraits. According to Jainé Kershner, a wedding photographer and owner of Brklyn View Photography, classic and traditional images remain constant and look good even after 50-60 years.

Another popular photography style is photojournalistic, where the photographer captures candid moments that showcase genuine emotions and atmosphere of the event. The photographs are often unposed and immersive, which makes the viewer feel as if they were part of the experience. This style has become increasingly popular, especially with the rise of social media, as couples prefer to showcase their authentic selves rather than staged moments.

Editorial photography is a much more posed and stylized style that showcases the wedding wardrobe and mood in a way that looks like it belongs in a fashion magazine. This style is generally less common in the wedding photography industry, but some photographers specialize in it. The photographs are highly stylized, featuring fashionable poses and artful lighting.

Ultimately, choosing a wedding photography style depends on the couple’s preference and what they want to convey through their photographs. Regardless of the chosen style, photographers are trained to capture the essence of the event and create memories that can be treasured for a lifetime.

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